пятница, 3 июня 2011 г.

Amur State Medical Academy

 Amur State Medical Academy - one of the oldest and most prestigious higher educational institutions on Russian in Amur region. It was founded in 1952.The first time its name was Blagoveshchensk Medical Institute. But in 1996 it received the present nameThe Academy includes several Academic buildings with six lecture halls and a lot of practical classes, gyms and a set outbuildingsStudents in the Academy receive all the necessary skills to become professionally doctors. 

I'd like to say some words about my favourite teacher in our Medical Academy. He is Victor Ivanovich Labsin. He is a head of the Normal Anatomy Chair. He graduated from Blagoveschensk Medical Academy in 1975. Victor Ivanovich is an experienced and respected teacher. He delivers lectures, carries out our practices. He uses various visual aids, posters, videos in his lessons. His speech is literate and clear, students like to listen to his lectures. He is strict and fair, he does his best to teach his students. He tries to make students study hard, understand deeply medical subjects. He wants his students to be good doctors in future. I am happy to have such a teacher.
I study at the Amur Medical Academy. Our Academy has many Departments and Chairs. One of them is the Normal Anatomy Chair. We can find it on the ground floor in the Morphological building.  Here we can see 2 museums, posters, photoes and visual aids. I think the Normal Anatomy Chair is very important and interesting for students. 6 teachers and 3 laboratory assistants work there. Victor Ivanovich Labsin is a head of the Chair. I'd like to add some words about this Chair. Here we can analyse different preparations, find pathologies, study roentgenograms, work with corpses. There is a museum with preparations of anomaly children's developments in the Chair.  The Chair has a morgue where there are reservoirs with corpses and parts of corpses in  formalin. It's very necessary for students to work hard and to spend much time there to study preparations. I think  to work at the Normal Anatomy Chair is very important for the 1- year students.